Monday, June 28, 2010

Why company fails

Many companies flounder because they spend too much time talking about their own weaknesses rather than their strenghts. They forget that stressing on strengths will eventually rub out weaknesses because strengths inspire confidence and confidence in any undertaking works miracles.
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Amir Hafizi Well said, John Tiong!
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John Tiong Chunghoo A few who work in an environment where the blind is leading the blind discovered they have a lot to gain from talking about other people's weaknesses, so day in and day out they capitalise on that until everythng goes down the drain including their own career.
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Jo Ann Massey Miller So very true... I also feel that often the leadership in companies fail to talk to the people that actually do the work....and therefore make uninformed decisions..
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John Tiong Chunghoo The truth is most of them are taken for a ride... if you know what i mean.
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Marc Di Saverio I tend to agree John

hn Tiong Chunghoo i am seldom wrong in my observation.
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Jerome Thompson Courage begets strength, fear begets weakness.Ultimately courage begets SUCCESS, fear begets FAILURE.
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James Hannan "The coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave one only suffers death but once." Shakespeare
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John Tiong Chunghoo sorry it should be flounder instead of flaunder
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