Saturday, June 19, 2010

Haiku for Today

Newsmen normally dont spread rumours or gossips because they are the ones who have to unravel the truths behind them. So when you encounter a newsman going all out to spread a gossip or rumour, he is basically out to cause injury and nothing else.

a bee all out to sting
the newsman who


I am a great admirer of President Obama. This prompted me to visit his childhood school in Menteng Jakarta not long after he was elected president. This was what I found. Enjoy;

Obama childhood school visit
a solitary basketball court warms me up
in the evening chill

Obama childhood school visit
a solitary basketball court warms up
the evening chill

Cheryl Clark Some people might prefer a president with a single-minded American focus, but I'm really happy ours has a global perspective. We're all in this together.
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Hadiah Hamzah Malaysian are very friendly.
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Rhonda A Bishop Rhodes Sorry ...I do not feel the same about Obama ... he is robbing from us .. and destroying us ... but still yet ....My FAITH is not in man but in the Power of God so I lift mr obama up in prayer
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John Tiong Chunghoo Obama becomes my hero because of his superb eloquence.
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John Tiong Chunghoo Rhonda you are great. that is the spirit that christians should cultivate.
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Rhonda A Bishop Rhodes John, I agree if I truly believe that God is Sovereign how can I not see Obama as part of the plan ??? and the True Spirit of Christ is that Obama is precious in God's sight that not the truth? Yes it is! Therefore I am commanded by scriptures to love him and pray for him ...
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Rhonda A Bishop Rhodes It is obtaining the Spirit of Christ toward all humanity .... regardless of sex, race
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Carole McDonnell Lovely poem, John.
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Frankie Lau jOHN, did u manage to trace his birth cert in that school? I don't really know why ppl are so crazy going after that paper...
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John Tiong Chunghoo Frankie, they want to know whether he was muslim when he was registered. He late stepfather was a muslim. When i was there coincidentally there was a magazine which interviewed his family's maid who said that Obama actually was brought up during those years in the muslim faith. So he should know a lot about Islam.
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Frankie Lau Thanks for sharing facts, John. That means it would be even better for him as a person...what each of us bECOME would not just happen by accident, yes?
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Suleman Pervez Sweet!
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Carmen Sterba I heard that Obama went to a Catholic
School in Indonesia. I don't know the
source though.
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Carmen Sterba John, your article showing different sides of Jakarta and mentioning both of Obama's schools and his love of basketball, was interesting and balanced.

I found a source from ABC network. About Obama's
schools that you visited. The Muslim one and the Catholic one. One of the many rumors about him was that he attended a radical Muslim school. This article sets it straight by interviewing people at his school:

By the way, he did not grow up with his father and his mother said his father was not religious. Obama's Kenyan grandfather, who he never met, was the Muslim in the family. I don't know about his cousins and half-sister, but after all, they are all normal human beings. I wonder if any president was so vilified before he even began his job. He didn't even have a "honeymoon period" at the beginning of his office.

Americans are as divided as they were during the 1960s, but it's rarely about peace or war. Arguments continue in Congress about national health care is necessary to help the minority people like those in poverty, the disabled and the elderly even the middle class since insurance and hospital care is outrageously expensive. The other half say national health care is socialism. Another topic is whether gun owners should pack (carry) the guns everywhere they want. The arguments for guns sounds like the Wild West to me.
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Frankie Lau @Carman, i find you amazing. you prefer to go to the bottom of truth. Brava
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John Tiong Chunghoo No President in this one decade can afford to have "honeymoon" because the United States is in such a mess. Somebody needs to "oil" America.
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Dennis Chua Eow Seong Only China can rule the world. China is the true king of the world. Heehee.
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John Tiong Chunghoo this haiku works better I think:

Obama childhood school visit
a solitary basketball court warms up
the evening chill
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