Monday, June 28, 2010

In the Shadows of the Partial Lunar Eclipse

in the shadows of the partial eclipse
a copter crash, tremor and a sultan who wants
a bridge to singapore

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John Tiong Chunghoo KUALA LUMPUR: On the June 26, Malaysians will be able to observe a partial lunar eclipse starting from 7.22pm to 10.20 pm.
In general, lunar eclipse will occur when the Moon passes the Earth's shadow during full Moon said the National Space Agency in a statement today.

The eclipse will start at 4:57 p.m. when the Moon starts to pass the penumbral...
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Carole Ann Borges Nice!

John Tiong Chunghoo today's tragic news

american killed in copter crash in Sarawak
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Carole Ann Borges One world, too much tragedy lately.
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Nhut Nakata Sorry to hear about the tragedy!
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Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black I got up to watch it as the moon was setting but the sky was cloudy.The full moon is in capricorn so according to astrological forecasts we can expect more earthly activities.
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ernadette Myers one world so much tragedy the lonly tears
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John Tiong Chunghoo haiku

partial lunar eclipse
from the fully lit temple
reverberating prayers
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Madeleine Ann Eugenie McMahon J- At once 'real' and 'surreal'! You reached ME!
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Anne O'Neil Love the emerging haiku from the shadows of the partial eclipse to the reverberating prayers
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James Hannan "I have sought you in the light of the stars; but you are ecliptic; and I see only the shadow part"
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Anne O'Neil Illuminating
& revealing shadow
both are true
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James Hannan I am yin, you are yang
Or perhaps you are yin
It seems we are neither
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John Potts Get a grip, James, or, rather, not.

— jp
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Robert D. Wilson trimming it a bit, John, i found this cool tanka

eclipse, a copter crash,
tremors . . . ...
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John Potts
be careful little dragonfly
the moon is full

— jp
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James Hannan Firefly not dragonfly
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John Potts

"It was during a sunny yesterday, here in rainy England, and a little blue dragonfly was skimming the water beside where we were having a picnic (with strawberries!). I knew there was a full moon that evening and so advised this beautiful creature to be wary of where it might choose to bivouac, come twilight; and this for fear of predation by nocturnal hunters. Also (as my daughter shook her head at my antics,) to not be fooled into thinking it was day in the brightness of any moonlit pond. However, a dragonfly nipping out of bed for a quick midnight snack in such a setting is, clearly, a beguiling image."
be careful little dragonfly
the moon is full

— jp
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James Hannan I understand. Yes, a beguiling image.
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John Potts Fairy snuff, James. A true haiku. A real event. SHASEI. Thing is, dude, you need to DEEPEN into a haiku. Give your robot a chance to switch off so your right brain can kick in with some primary visual thought. Jumpin' the gun is not the way to respond to a haiku. Especially a world beater like this one! No worries though, we all had to learn that, right Matsuo?

— jp
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