Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Love, Oh What is Love?

love, oh what is love?
flowers in so many shapes and hues
giving sweetness to butterflies and bees
in so many shapes and hues
in the field, a buzz, a joy,
these insects help create
another world, another paradise

warm colourful flower garden
for lovers of the world
helps spread cheers everywhere
where the flowers are, the butterflies, the bees are
where there is love, joy spreads wide as the field

Reshma Ramesh (11/22/2008 6:33:00 AM) beautiful love poem....................

Nature is what we dont See

nature is what we dont see
for instance the essence
that pushes words out for
this poem fated for posterity

the birds that without fail
chirp at first light, morn breeze
the unseen clock working at the dot

nature is what we dont see
the nocturnal bloom, that folds
itself in the day,
throws its fragrance
in the dead of night
as lovers hide in each others' bossoms
below the soft glare of the moon
centimetre by centimetre
it has inched forward to exhibit
its full blown majesty to the world

Nature is what we dont see
the shadow play master tilting
the earth, the petals for its bloom dance
the successive cells here there
guided towards optimal functions
and that ogiasmic tremour
that shuttles the world
round and round

nature is what you should not see
the formulas, secrets kept behind
everything that could get even
einstein mad in unveiling,
explaining them

nature is what we all should not see
nor equipped to see though
it rambles through our every cell
like the worst of storm

by john tiong chunghoo

The Former Badjist (7/7/2008 6:21:00 PM) Er, sorry to interrupt, it's good, but please may I warn you that to a native English speaker (as I am) certain words have an immediate 'switch-off' effect. 'Orgasmic' is one. Others that come to mind are 'vibrant' and 'ultimate'. Anyway, please carry on.
Palas Kumar Ray (6/11/2008 1:41:00 AM) The Poem reflects the inner vision of the poet, It shows me the way how to look at the Nature! Quite interesting. Precious work.
Karen Van Hoesen (9/4/2006 3:58:00 PM) ... a delicious poem which Miss Dickinson would have appreciated... i enjoyed it very much... at the risk of being slightly retentive, what appear to me to be mis-spellings of words like 'bosom' and 'orgasmic' are the only negatives... nice work
Sylvia Chidi (2/11/2006 6:59:00 AM) Nice and beautifully long about the unseen nature.

Beautiful Women

young women, old women
in their heart
despite the years
the yearning to be beautiful

young women, old women
they look at each other
one with envy
the other with fear
and contempt (of the wrinkles, old age)

young women, old women
they look into each other
one for a mother
the other for a daughter

by john tiong chunghoo

Ashraful Musaddeq (9/1/2008 4:42:00 PM) Very interesting poem on women.10 from me.
Palas Kumar Ray (7/29/2008 2:16:00 AM)
Good poem.It is said that Women in general long for beauty but it's in their youth.Old women and envy! perhaps I'm not agreeing. May be you are true.

Love, Love, Love

i wish to be the air you breathe
love that floods your every cell
revitalising you, cheering you up
every second of your life

i love like the rush of the Nile, Yangtze - listen,
listen to this lovelorn heart,
holding on, letting go, holding on
with such tenacity to the hope
of every lovelorn night

an eclipse helps distill
my love for you,
seals your charms, allure
from the craving prying eyes
of the world, precipitates that
momentuous silhouette,
escapade for me and you
sun and moon, yin and yang
to be totally absorbed
in bliss, in each other

love, love, love
if only i could be the only star
to win your fancy
for that sparkling while
heaven the world would become

by john tiong chunghoo
Stephanie Fiddy (12/25/2008 1:46:00 PM) beautiful poem! such a pleasent read. I give it a 10!
Michael Gale (11/11/2008 3:19:00 PM) Beautiful poem. I am glad i chose to read it and that you chose to write it. An easy tenner was given here. this day. God bless all poets and readersalike-MJG.
Mary Bennington (9/3/2007 3:38:00 PM) Leaves me breathless. Evokes meaningful contemplation and reflection on that most magical of human capacities-LOVE.
Daniel Partlow (8/23/2007 5:55:00 PM) Beautiful work. Here is my love poem. I tried using the Raven's challenging rhyme pattern: http: // Even though it didn't quite fit, the result was good enough to inspire me to move on to my second (and still my best work: SUNRISE ON THE MOUNT) : http: //
Dawn Depasquale (8/13/2007 10:54:00 PM) John, simply beautiful. This was the first poem I viewed on Poemhunter. Will certainly read through your other poems. Thank you for sharing your depth through your words. Dawn
Shay Riggin (6/8/2007 5:48:00 PM) so so so true! ! i loved it and the comment you sent me! thanx! !
Cheyenne Bobo (4/27/2007 2:25:00 PM) Completely true, completely beautiful, completely amazingly PERFECTLY true.
Brennan Lee (4/1/2007 1:55:00 PM) u`re good in poetry... i`m brennanlee from m`sia... looking forward for your new poem... keep up the good work bro

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And The Moon And The Stars And The World

long walk at night
the breeze freezes my spirit
the moon warms it up
pulling at my poetic soul
the crickets sing their poem to the night
a million other insects contribute their share
to loosen up the night; for lovers, husbands and wives
while a tide of words too creeps in all directions
in my mental sphere to saturate
the poetic bar of the intellect
waiting to be strummed into verses
the rhythm swims along with them
as i write out verse by verse
the moon my friend shares its light
the night wind inspires
lovelorn stars wave all the way
a million light years away
heralding the birth of a song
sparkling, twinkling guided by the
intricate orchestration of the night
before gracing the written page
long walk in the night
even the insects with the lamps
start to lend me their lights
between the twinke of the stars
they dance, sing, beat out a dance

john tiong chunghoo


Kate Chandler Flynn (12/19/2008 4:18:00 PM) Hello John... it is wonderful to read you again after such a long time... thank you for telling me (via Poetry Shared) where to find you ... you will know from what I have written in the past that this poem of yours would appeal to me on many different levels... should you care to catch up, please email me at I remain, as ever, one of your most admiring fans... it is an honour to read your work... Kate
Paul Josef B. (12/15/2008 12:02:00 PM) The first five lines are fantastic!
James Foulk (11/21/2008 2:38:00 PM) such a beautiful piece of well written poetry
Patricia Gale (9/12/2008 12:56:00 PM) Wonderful imagery..... seen through a poet's words.
Ada Shelley (9/11/2007 4:12:00 AM) Very nice......I loved the language
Luis Gil (4/3/2007 4:21:00 PM) May this walk be long...... Good poem, John. Thanks
~Angel Ane~ (5/23/2006 4:58:00 PM) The only word that can to my mind was WOW!
Scarborough Gypsy (4/18/2005 7:19:00 AM) John, This is really beautiful. I have not enjoyed reading a poem so much in a long time. This will go into my favorites. It's just so lovely and I had expected to read a haiku. This was such a lovely surprise to my evening. Thank you so much. Kind regards Gypsy It was the title that made me look at it.