Saturday, May 7, 2011

Haiku collection

Sunset Taj
a love intensifies in
the diminishing light

a saffron
shrouded sun
the buddha

Chap Goh Meh
this lovely cat her eyes
bright like the moon

Tapestry of the mind
filling up the gap
between the stitches

new oil find
an excitement floating
over dilemmas

what a lovely valentine
another dictator

there she is
lost like an ant
miss self conceited

Sniffing here
sniffing there
miss want-to-get-forward

valentine's wish -
love to grow many folds
like the price of roses

February high noon
the icicle tearful
farewell to winter

HIs overblown ego
every of his words sharpens one's knife
for the throat

every inch every line
nature's accents its mood
flowers everywhere

In between our talk
of an old disappearance
the freshness of tea

CHinese new year
the nian wants to run away
from it all

Haiku Collection

Yokohama sakura
my heart light
as the wind

folded cranes
one thousand and one wishes
for Japan

snow peak and fiery sky
a ballet dancer swirls
with all her ambitions

still stunning and waiting
at angkor wat corridors
heavenly nymphs

snow capped peaks and
the fiery sky
melt my heart

between the rushes,
gushes of the waterfall
angler quietly waits for his day

the mind's
twin brother

the cherry blossom
radiates so many feelings
this spring

dawn ganges
the chant of shiva rides
the light waves

dawn ganges
trailing the light
my chant of shiva

three cats
two facing
the other

earth hour
brightness and darkness
in our hands

haiku - the password to
a treasured and
enlightened moment

Liz taylor's love for the Ms
money, men and men with aids
leaves the first M to charity

in the flurry oftsunami
death radio news
cherry blossoms fall

tohoku tsunami aftermath
the snow weeping
on my face

Liz taylor tribute haiku

lost - the pair of translucent eyes
celluloids make
so exciting

yoga reflexology
an inner light corresponds
to each cakra

quake victims willy nilly
take a look

the size of my

my fascination tonight
too ballooned

in the arch
of the rainbow
a gown of bliss

tilting up and down
a row of pigeons
on a loose wire

smile and laugh
putting wings
to my day

the stream flows
trailing time
in a canvas of infinity

dawn lotuses
i am open to all
fresh ideas

the body burning up

in its sound

death anniversary
the field full with
migratory birds

sunset nostalgia
those empty days when my mind
was full of you

new spring kimono
trailing the fragrance
of the fresh blossom

riding the nose
to me

friightened octopus
legs at loggerheads
with each other

approaching spring
an excitement thrusting over
the landscape of my mind

dawn nettles
at each tip
the day's light

in the tranquility
of the buddha's curvatures
yesterday's rain

skewering the heart
first pimple
on the face

a shadow
the crescent

journey to Shirdi
between the leaves
the welcoming light of Sai

the snow
on my face

i met Roberta many years back. The first impression of her...

with a deep hurt
she calls out
my name

In the lake too
blessings of the new day
the sun, the trees, and the bliss

New Haiku Collection

shrivelled leaf
i still hold onto
the sweet moments

morning dew drops
such tender refreshing
youthfulness - you

striking like the collapse
of another huge tower
bin laden's death

the soul
of God

sunday late noon rain
hynoptising, the hasty feet
clapping hands of rain

fleece in the sky
my worries have found company
and slowly drift away

William Kate Royal Wedding
I feel the joy of youth

so dearly facing the sky
between me and the rose
a sacred intelligence?

that star
i faintly remember
a long lost friend

black cat in the dark
its eyes help me
see it

sea death
a bouquet of roses washed