Friday, June 4, 2010

Robert Frost on Poetry

Robert Frost says " A poem begins with a lump in the throat". To that I would love to add: "A poem begins with a heart bursting with sentiments."

Alaka Yeravadekar A poem begins with a tingling in my bones!
Yesterday at 1:39am ·

John Tiong Chunghoo And a mind rolling with words.
Yesterday at 1:40am ·

Chansonette Buck a pressure in my chest and a felt rhythm in my mind
Yesterday at 1:42am ·

Michael Nickels-Wisdom The darting glance of recognition.
Yesterday at 1:47am ·

John Tiong Chunghoo wow, a bone, a chest.a glance.what else???? add one please, let's have romance with poetry.
Yesterday at 1:51am ·

Alaka Yeravadekar the beginning of an involuntary smile..
Yesterday at 1:51am ·

Jonathan Vos Post “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.”

-- William Wordsworth
Yesterday at 1:52am ·

John Tiong Chunghoo wow Jonathan that's deep.
Yesterday at 1:55am ·

Alison Williams A good reminder here that poems can come from the body as well as the mind - poetry is closely related to song and dance.
Yesterday at 1:57am ·

John Tiong Chunghoo
Alison, thank you. i think it has to sprout from the mind...and leads to dance and from there more words that lead to dance.... complementing each other forming steps and rhythm that thril.
Yesterday at 2:03am ·

J. Andrew Lockhart For me, strangely, it's usually sadness.
Yesterday at 2:05am ·

John Tiong Chunghoo Andrew....well let us have the privilege of your
sad lines here....please.
Yesterday at 2:10am ·

J. Andrew Lockhart Well, I'm not sad now. :)
Yesterday at 2:12am ·

John Tiong Chunghoo Andrew great to hear that.....haha give us a tinkle when you are down and out...we will all be there for you
Yesterday at 2:14am ·

Bill Page Drink me,
I'm the liquid of life.

Let the magic sink into your blood,
and darkness fall upon light,
can you feel the rhythm of the cosmic dance,
can you see the shape of time?

Let the party begin!
Yesterday at 3:45am ·

John Tiong Chunghoo wow thank you Bill. Let us write on your Page.
Yesterday at 4:21am ·

James Hannan Doesn't poetry come through us rather than from us?
Yesterday at 5:09am ·

Bill Page You are welcome, it's just something I made up about black holes suck light in and gravitational waves and time space curvature stuff, hehe, and sure, write whatever you like on my wall! :D
Yesterday at 5:10am ·

John Potts A poem comes out of the blue.

— jp
Yesterday at 6:45am ·

Mike Keville You scare me

No sound.
Except the wind—
a lone wolf ...
See More
Yesterday at 7:07am ·

James Hannan "Didn't spend a thing, I charged it..." Wifely reply
Yesterday at 7:15am via Email Reply ·

John Potts @ Mike Don't be scared, just keep your word : "The next message you need is always right where you are" ~ Ram Dass :

— jp
Yesterday at 7:16am ·

James Hannan "Be here now." Ram Dass
Yesterday at 7:18am via Email Reply ·

John Potts Diarrhea.
Yesterday at 7:20am ·

Perez Verde Silvio José Thanks, friend
Yesterday at 7:54am ·

Edgar Gary Quah The malice of being......
Yesterday at 9:41am ·

Alaka Yeravadekar hey all, I'm enjoying this conversation..
Yesterday at 1:15pm ·

John Potts You enjoy it now, Alaka, but later you'll love it.

— jp
7 hours ago ·

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