Friday, June 25, 2010

Haiku on Michelangelo's Sculptures

Lorenzo de Medici tomb
frivolous as life
the nake carvings

Lorenzo de Medici tomb
cold and quiet as stone
the man in thought

Michelangelo's Moses
every inch the marbles shine
bright as commandments

Pope Julius II
Michelango's genius
carved in rocks...

dead christ on mary's lap
the world's sins.

michelangelo's naked boy
real as his

Michelangelo's Mother and Child
heavy on the lap
the way of God

Michelangelo's David
pride weighs heavy
on the shoulders

Michelangelo's cross carrying Christ
a trophy
in his hands

Michelangelo's Angel with Candlestick
lighting it up
for the good new

auguste rodin's pense
eyes clothed with
tenderness of the face

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