Monday, June 21, 2010

Haiku - Man the Real Alien

the real aliens
on earth

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Arnie Tahir hmmm ...just got 2 agree...:)
Yesterday at 11:30am ·

James Lee Jobe Well said, John.

Yesterday at 11:33am ·

Elizabeth Patrick Large statement to accomplish with six simple words.....excellent, John!
Yesterday at 11:54am ·

Muhammad Rafique Farooqi it is true, .......
Yesterday at 11:54am ·

John Tiong Chunghoo many animals have been driven to extinction and now earth is begging the reckless aliens, not to do any more harm, not to suffocate her. each day her fever rises a little.
Yesterday at 12:03pm ·

Adrian J Nyaoi how very true, and very poetically put.
Yesterday at 12:12pm · LikeUnlike · Rolef von Swedenborg I would think that extinction is in the Natural order of Life...
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John Tiong Chunghoo Rolef, that is not something very nice to know some animals were hunted until they are no more.
Yesterday at 12:31pm ·

Rolef von Swedenborg Yes of course some animals were but also cataclysmic evolution has eliminated species Humanoids included and we as a people were not responsible. That is what I meant.... Humans are not responsible for every tragedy.
Yesterday at 12:35pm ·

Madeleine Ann Eugenie McMahon I disagree. We may well be, and too frequently are our own worst enemy, we are in the chain of existence beings endowed with free will...with the capacity of discerning right and wrong. Therefore, it is with humanity that responsible stewardship belongs. Let's be responsible and make choices for all life.
Yesterday at 1:08pm ·

Adrian J Nyaoi extinction is the the natural destination of all form of life; but I would not want to blamed for speeding up the the journey
Yesterday at 1:13pm ·

James Harwood It's a far more complex issue than we think - we have destroyed the habitat in which the Giant Panda can survive, yet we insist on keeping the last few remaining pandas alive in captivity. We can try to be individually responsible, but do we REALLY have the power to stop this kind of thing?
Yesterday at 1:15pm ·

Adrian J Nyaoi Life is not an infinity. It has an ending. We as human; through our interference with nature bring that ending nearer.
11 hours ago ·

Rolef von Swedenborg What I meant is that Humans are not responsible for every life form that has gone extinct. Yes, we have done a lot of things and in the context of spiritual evolution it is something we can learn from. I do not think it is a good idea to trash Humans .. We do not need to have another extinction happening (humans)
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Muhammad Rafique Farooqi earth has its immune system i think it is working, by raising the temperature ,earth quakes tusnami, tornados, in order to eradicate infestation of human on its surface....... ultimately we are responsible for this due to our unfriendly behaviour towards Eco system........and we know earth will finally get rid of man
11 hours ago ·

Adrian J Nyaoi not all form of extinction are due to human act; many in the past were due to natural disaster. But of late human play a major role in speeding up that process. Not taking the blame is akin to hiding the head under the sand.
11 hours ago ·

Muhammad Rafique Farooqi we will disappear like any unknown method.....
11 hours ago ·

Rolef von Swedenborg We do not know what is going extinct except for the larger animals. Things are evolving also and we are finding new species at the same time. Life is wonderful, many things to learn and see.
11 hours ago ·

Maya Lyubenova it's not only about the extincted species - look what we are doing to ourselves - men to men are like aliens from different universes
11 hours ago ·

Adrian J Nyaoi For all known species we know most that are threaten; not just large mammals; The fact that new species are discovered also means that some would have been extinct before they were discovered. Life is wonderful; enjoy it well we can.
the killing between man and man just show that we are not different from other species where domination by the stronger member of the species may result in killing others who put up a fight.
11 hours ago ·

Maya Lyubenova it seems that the end of the human zoo is near:

Adrian J Nyaoi that is a bit pessimistic

Maya Lyubenova well, it depends, on the point of view :~D
11 hours ago ·

Rolef von Swedenborg Life has been around for a long, long, long, time and will be around for a long time to come ..We are just at the Kindergarten level and maybe we need to change our diaper.. :-)
11 hours ago ·

Gert Sønderby Humanity is not alien to Earth - we evolved here just as did all other species on the planet. What we are, is -different-. We can think in the abstract, build tools (and what tools!) and that makes us the only species who can truly adapt any environment to us, as opposed to adapting to it.
As a consequence, humanity as a species is causing a mass-...

extinction-event, possibly similar in magnitude to the one that ended the reign of the dinosaurs, and have been for several tens of thousands of years. Nowadays, it is reaching a crescendo, with us shifting the climate and composition of the air and sea, rather than merely hunting animal species to extinction.

We are not just the disease, however, but also the cure. Stewardship of the Earth, as in, taking active control of and protecting the resources of our planet, is a notion that is gaining traction with a lot of thinkers. The next few centuries will be crucial. We're headed for the fall of an empire - the West's dominance is coming to an end, and may do so drastically, but in so doing it may actually open the door to a new paradigm of resource use. We shall see what time tells us.
10 hours ago ·

John Potts Scientists believe life on Earth was seeded by extreme elliptical comets! These loop all over the Milky Way - transmitting organic material incubated in nova.

the last
pit stop...
— jp
9 hours ago ·

Gert Sønderby Um, no. They don't. All it took was the presence of a number of chemicals, and a lot of time, both of which were abundant back then.
This is an excellent primer on the subject:

Primordial soup...

Fat forms a bubble of chemicals
Life is created

Also, novas generate elements that would otherwise not be present in our universe. They do not, however, generate organic material, or even comets (which are thought to form during the accretion of the solar system IIRC).

In the beginning
There was only hydrogen
Novas changed this.

Dying stars
Created all solid matter
We are star dust.
8 hours ago ·

John Potts Yes, comet elipticals, sling shots all over Creation! Do some research, check Astonomer Royal, Fred Hoyle to start with. The primordial soup has been a problem since it was first conjectured - not enough time. Think about it, one universal organism. The imminent deity.. MULTIBEING!

all around my plate
fierce crab retro-engineered
red wine tastes like rust...

— jp

8 hours ago ·

Peggy Johnson Excellent John;
God is probably scratching his head thinking the same thing :)
7 hours ago ·

Gert Sønderby "Mainstream evolutionary biology rejects Hoyle's interpretation of statistics, and supporters of modern evolutionary theory, such as Richard Dawkins, refer to this as "Hoyle's fallacy"." - wikipedia page on Fred Hoyle*.

Hoyle was not even a biologist, but an astronomer, and a fine one indeed. But just like Dawkins can make sense about biology and ...
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spout utter nonsense about religion, so Hoyle could be a prominent astronomer without much clue about biochemistry.

To let the haiku for rest for a minute:

There once was a prominent physicist
Who did not believe the biologists.
They showed he was wrong
And that should have been all
But he keeps getting callled by creationists!


7 hours ago ·
John Potts

Yes, the universe as a functional hole. How else could it be? Of course we have many other mediums of transmission of universal intel - starlight, for an obvious interseller gossip facility! Then, the smaller things . . .
in the primordial pond
not just ducks...


— jp
6 hours ago ·

Pamela Busch

Fevered earth
reflects our
fevered minds
5 hours ago ·

John Potts This is why haiku!
5 hours ago ·

Kathy Earsman Quite right, John.
4 hours ago ·

Sandy Hyndman Hey love this John..and I am one of them ..Nanu Nanu..thank you so much for this posting xxxx
3 hours ago ·

Pamela Busch Fevered earth
reflects our
fevered hearts . . .

Su Huo Soon i still US to be human beings and the aliens......animals , virus and bacteria
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John Potts
Feeling alienated is a common problem in the modern world. BUT. This is just a mental construct. The reality is that we're all embedded in the matrix of the tissue of the universe - and ever more shalt be thus!
the moles are lively...
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Kathy Earsman Gert, I was speaking tongue-in-cheek re humans being alien. Of course we are of this Earth. Well, of this solar system anyway; the iron in our blood comes from long dead suns ... we are 'built of chemicals distilled in constellation's bowl. But yes, we are 'alien' in that we have the power to destroy life on this planet.
I talk your language, Gert, as one of the vast band of people around the world preparing for peak oil and climate change. We are also witnessing, as you say, the collapse of international economies and trade. Big trouble ahead, not in a hundred years, folks, but now.
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John Potts Cheery old ʇɐq, innit?

— jp
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Kathy Earsman 'Tis high time we grew up, and faced reality, innit?
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John Potts
rabbi grebe
ye old lobster pot
wove out o' wattery dreams und insect ...
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James Hannan One alien alone; where are my others; where is my home?
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John Potts "Don't lock others out of your heart through fear and vanity - wear it on you sleeve.. NOW!" - anon

— jp
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