Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Haiku earlier posted on Facebook

this my horror haiku -

dug out doll
staring at my fear
two empty sockets

one of my favourite haiku -

leaf by leaf
the wind tears away

sunset lotus
they too have closed
for the day

Picked from My Facebook Postings

My haiku for today: mid autumn festival/she steps out/to a full house Yesterday was the full moon festival. The moon was a perfect ball and in many places, people watched street operas to pass the beautiful hours.

three sparrows on a flight
up and down, up and down
over the padi field

John thinks haiku is about layers, peeling away the layers of mysteries, meanings of a thought, ia situation, an inspired moment. The sylllables are layers you peel away to reach the haiku encased right in the heart, the womb of nature, the sanctum w...here nature transmits to us its humour, its love, its individuality.

I really love these words by the Samoan Prime Minister on the tsunami two days ago - "The winds have uttered their strength, earth has spoken their grief and the wave has scattered its strength," Tuilaepa said in the chiefly Samoan language.

My haiku today: night forest trekking/ standing out an unobtrusive/ sacred tinkling shrill *the little tinkling sound of an insect, i was quickly drawn to meditate upon as it has a gentle calming effect on the mind.