Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Haiku - Obama meeting old citizens

Barack Obama Hosting a tele-town hall meeting with senior citizens across the country to discuss the new health care law and answer questions. Watch live at 11:40 a.m. ET.

Obama - Senior Citizens meet
looking for a new solution
to an old problem...


Barack Obama Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has introduced a resolution that would gut the Clean Air Act and increase America's oil dependence by billions of barrels.

Murkowski Resolution
murky costly chaining Americans
to foreign hands...


travel reporting
the roads
my treadmill

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Sandy Hyndman Cool my John.. was just talking to my neighbour.. want to get back to my gym ..think you might be talking about the roads as a treadmill..but anyways brought this to my mind.. thank you.. work to do but the gym helps the work xx
2 hours ago ·


Myeongdong walk
famous korean actors smile to me
from cardboards

Myeongdong is an upper class shopping enclave in Seoul. It is crowded with Japanese particularly during weekends.

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Nhut Nakata Myeongdong is like Ginza in Japan,I heared.
Yesterday at 5:45am ·

John Tiong Chunghoo I was in Ginza but it was in the late 80s, even then Ginza looked more posh and classy than Myeongdong.
Yesterday at 8:07am ·

Christine Michael John, i tried sendng a simple poem/haiku to u ystrday but that sms kept going2 anothr person. Read yr 2.40am haiku this mrng and jst want2let u know that i appreciate it very much. [via Celcom SMS]
Yesterday at 8:16am ·

Nhut Nakata Yes,I think so,too.It's just like an adjective to describe it but not actually the same.I visited Korea years ago and stayed at Lotte hotel in Myeondong and yes,many Japanese tourists in the area.
Yesterday at 8:42am ·

John Tiong Chunghoo Seoul is so popular among the Japanese, there are flights from every major Japanese town.
Yesterday at 9:27

Nahid Kabiri Well done John!...I'll crown this tiny one "Depth of Observation".How about that?
10 hours ago ·

Nahid Kabiri Or"OBSERVATINS!"?
10 hours ago ·

James Hannan Sensory overload Ginza
Heard of it then heard it
And saw
2 hours ago ·

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