Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rules about Rules

One of the rules of the arts should be to learn all the rules and then break them when necessary to let the genius in you comes through. Rules should not become a prison for the mind, binding it. They should be about how to release the mind so that it soars in the sky of excellence.

Bettie DuChemin Ellens Brilliant John!
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Michael Stevens I agree with Bettie: Brilliant!
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Margaret Agusta I agree absolutely. Rules are tools toward creation and because the very nature of the arts is subversive (toward the exploration of possibilities beyond those already set out) people in the arts will always need to bend and stretch those tools and even break them when necessary to achieve the artistic potential inherent in the creative process.
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Michael Nickels-Wisdom "Break the rules if doing so is interesting." --Cheryl Clark
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Frankie Lau Excellent and thank u, John. Rules and Laws are not meant to be so absolute and so rigid that they keep us in bondage....we don't just learn the rules of flying....we Soar, WOW! How FREE ;D
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Tarek Kawa The creation comes after breaking the rules and then this new creation becomes the new rule....
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Yvonne Augustine re-posting this!!!
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John Tiong Chunghoo thank you Yvonne. Every John's posting is meant for
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John Tiong Chunghoo even if it helps us grow a little bit. it makes my day.
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Catrina Heart well said your logical way of thinking and how you have concluded what you have learned...break it away!!!
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Nhut Nakata Even if there is a rule; there's always an
exemption to the rule!
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Nahid Kabiri A very good lesson for the beginners , as well as WORN-OUTS!
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"Learn all the rules
then use them ...
See More

to stand on."

— jp
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