Friday, June 25, 2010

Haiku written last week

zen garden
i the only stone
that moves

between North
and South Korea
a river of tears

why are we still around after so long?
because one minute of God's
is a zillion of ours

why cant man see God?
because he cannot survive a zillionth
of his second

Pride Month
looking at everybody
in the eyes when talking...

rustic mill
the sound of water and
clothes washing

longest day
celebrating it with Fifa
football matches...

michelangelo's naked boy
as real as his own

Michelangelo's rebellious slave
in the stone
he is cast

Michelangelo's rebellious slave
from the stone
his longing for freedom

Michelangelo's Saint Paul
one small step
in the direction of Christ

Michelangelo's Saint Peter
even from the stone
the softness of his look

Giuliano de Medici tomb
a disciplinarian of a million
other things

Giuliano de Medici tomb
a disciplinarian hard
as stones

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