Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thoughts to Ponder on - Realms

Perhaps the other realm sees us as normal, like how we see the ants, the tiniest creature. They see us in a normal light, part of creation, the norm of their realm. We however have to guess the whole world about them because we have not the faculty to see them, only the faculty to feel them, an earthworm in the realm of earth.

Haiku - In the Distant Cloud

in the distant cloud
the silouette
of a bird's flight

Prize Winning Haiku - Tonight the sea Sweeping to us ..

the sea tonight
sweeping to us
the stars

a winner of the Croatia's Iris Haiku Magazine "A little Haiku Contest" organised in March/April 2009 with moon and stars as theme.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Haiku - Gawking at us from the roof

gawking at us from the roof
the pigeons we gave auntie
two miles away

early spring class
robust laugh breaks
through the chill

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Brain Running Away from Abuse

Poetry is the brain running
away from abuse, the chain
of slavery and the whips of
geniuses who think they know
best how it should work.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dont use too much of your head when writing

Dont use too much of your head when writing...
space the thoughts between your heart and
we would have meaningful pauses
that would give more delights.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Haiku - The Blindman's Table Manner

haiku for the day -

a world of surprise
not a grain on the table
the blindman's table manner

not a grain left
to complain about
the blindman's table manner

i live near the blindman's association in Kuala Lumpur, so I get to see many bllindmen dining in coffee shops. One thing I am surprised about these blinded is that they are so clean and well dressed. This afternoon, I specially noticed a young man who was helped to his table. Then the lunch came. I seldom took an interest in how these blind people... Read More ate but realising that there is a haiku here, i paid attention. Yes, he took to the fork and spoon and carefully ate the rice and vegetables heaped on the plate. The soup he used his spoon then his hands to take the little bowl to his mouth. When he had finished, I was shocked to see that there was not even a grain dropped on the table. On the other hand, the man right on the other side had one grain dropped near his plate. The fact that we have eyes dont make us better beings than these blindmen sometimes.

Haiku - A longing Heart

from my room a longing heart
struggling between the muffled
sounds of the festival

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Senryu (humour haiku) Obama's China Tour - Trade balance

trade balance

obama prays he is not

talking to a Great Wall

Haiku - Obama China Tour

Obama's China tour
climbing the Great Wall
of economic balance

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Favourite Haiku - Topaze crystals

topaz crystals
this dusk
showered rainfall

A Haiku Lesson

Every haiku lesson should start with this haiku of Matsuo Basho the man who revolutionises the haiku world;

old well
ta frog jumps in
the sound of water

Outwardly, it is just a simple frog poem but if you analyse it it actually contains elements that not only embodies the essence of haiku but what haiku is all ab out.

The old well represents humanity and its feelings.
Remember it is old well, humanity with its complex feelings accumulated over the years. Here in the well, it is unperturbed silence, humanity waiting to be touched by the world of arts, poetry, paintings, music.

Now comes a a frog ...well that represents haiku itself.
The frog jumps in means the haiku taken in by humanity....and the sound of water is the resonating effect it has on us. Remember it is just not the sound of any water, but the sound of water in an old well which is always echoed and more intense than sound made in open space.

I think when you read more good haiku which you can find by googling, you will get to what haiku is actually. There is no one definition as there are various schools of thoughts on this genre.

Reading and writing as well as making friends with haiku poets will slowly lead you to it. I think so. Robert has a magazine simply haiku which you can get to know all the prominent haiku poets. There is also the World Haiku Club beginners group which conduct lessons on the genre for interested parties.

Well stay tuned. Just post your writings here and there are enough people to critque them. Thanks Phyllis.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the old well is
an old woman,
dispirited, hunched,
aggrieved of all
its drawers

a dark realm
reigns over here
ever ready
to throw its vengeance
on unsuspectful

only heaven has
the generosity
to give it grace -
the rain fills it up
and when the
weather is fine
the sky plays with it
a gentle childful game
of master sun, queen moon
and angel stars

nobody greets
the old well
a good morning
or evening

all they do
is ungratefully
bend over,
scaring its peace
and tranquility
with a coquettish bucket
that goes splash
before going down
into a private sanctum
to whittle away its vitality
yesterday, today,
tomorrow, everyday;
always in a hurried
and callous manner
the water slushes
sloshes, splashes,
slashes to echo
the well's discontents

the old well is
an aggrieved woman
beaten to hatred
a restless soul filled
to the brim with
vengeance and chagrin

to pass by one at night
one would be lucky
if one's heart does
not stumble and
race faster
than one's legs
because the well's
ominous mouth
in all the solemness
of its sobers and age
is ever ready
to draw your spirit in
with its damp,
dark and cold tales
and selfishly holds it there
with the tenuous grip
of a viper for a thousand years