Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mage wappa haiku

mage wappa
mom's love that follows me
to school every day

Art and crafts] This is the traditional lunch box made of Akita cedar, called “Mage-wappa(曲げわっぱ).” “Mage”means “bend”(曲げる), and “wappa” means “circle”(輪), which derives from the process to make the thinly shaving cedar bent in a circular pattern. Originally, it is said that the wood cutters invented magewappa as their lunch boxes. In 1600’s, the feudal lord, Satake Yoshinobu(佐竹義宣) in Akita prefecture suggested samurai warriors to produce magewappa as side job in order to get over poor life. I like magewappa because it is not only beautiful (the food looks tasty!) but also practical. It is breathable material to keep rice tasty: not too wet, not too dry. It is also so light to carry. In addition, it has bactericidal property to keep food well. (Ellie)

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