Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travel Korea Haiku - The Han River , Seoul

the only thing undivided
between North and South Korea
a river of tears

The Han River has its source in North Korea, flowing through Seoul into the Yellow Sea. It is the only place that links the North and South so inimately together though it has been decades both have gone separate ways in their government and political beliefs.

in the Hangang River
ripples of joys, tears
and excitements

The Han or Hangang River divides Seoul into residential and commercial areas. The South of the river makes up the commercial area while the North, the residential.
One could imagine the joys, the excitements as Koreans drive to work each day crossing the 27 bridges linking the North and South of Seoul. The Han River fllows from east of the country to the West into the Yellow Sea.

Korea demilitarised zone
the roar of men looking for

The good news about the demilitarised zone is that animals, some of which that would have gone extinct have thrived. Now there are people going all out to look for tigers believed to be living in the zone. None has been sighted but it is believed tigers exist here.

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