Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gawai Dayak Posting

Happy Gawai to all my Dayak friends. Gawai is the annual harvest festival of the dayak people of Sarawak. It falls on June 1. Rice wine or Tuak is freely consumed. People of other ethnic groups take the opportunity to visit their dayak friends who still stay in longhouses along river banks.

Gawai Dayak
the exquisite taste of rice
in the tuak

Frankie Lau @John, do Dayaks say "oh kea"? Btw, they now feel offended if anyone call them "kea" (YB Masing was reported as such) is true to say "in the past", "in ancient times".. now many are very rich and they have 2 versions of "tuak", the original and the "modern" ones, yea..even Russian Volka :o)

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