Monday, May 24, 2010

May 23 postings

My Malay friend jokes that he has special privileges so I must treat him Special. I say No Way unless he has big fat talent like Tun Mahathir who can write till the sun comes down to kiss him on the cheek, or Siti Nurhaliza who can sing till all the birds stop their song to listen to hers or Chef Wan who can get all the world to feast with him. Special privileges for him but Special treatment for those who work their butt out to shine. Get it.. I give him a slap on the back.

Mr President, you are in for the second term. After all these years of white statesmanship, we need a change no matter how sweet the icing is. And you have done quite well...The first four years to build up the economy. The next four really turn your attention to the voters who put you up there to salvage the final straw of their dignity.

Mr President, i sense a disturbing sign of subservience
floating over your glances and pauses; the remaining strain
of diffidence that still tortures the black psyche

there she goes into a sea of mediocrity
where her talents are foams
evaporating into the thin air of shine

the sky again
Malaysia Airlines
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) won two awards -- World's Best Economy Class and Staff Service Excellence -- at the 2010 World Airline Awards in Hamburg, Germany, last Thursday, it was announced here today.

new hybrid cars
the race to
save earth
...Obama to sign a memorandum outlining the next steps toward producing cleaner, more efficient vehicles.

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