Tuesday, May 18, 2010

God and the Dimensions that He hides from Us

God is always there...throwing us challenges.....making us fail...making us succeed....all with a purpose....if you really listen and think..you know he is there....you dont really have to see somebody to know he cares......he is so close that you just cant see him like encasing himself in our heart;that is how close he wants to be with us.

On another score, there are so many creations, so many dimenstions, we would be lost like an ant in the middle of a jungle if we were to see them all;

Scientifically, "people' in the other dimensions can see us because we live in a separate or lesser dimension. Like if we only have the length dimension, we cannot see the breadth and the height dimensions. But those who have all the other dimensions can see us easily as they enjoy the extra dimensions. they can be right staring into us but we still dont see them.

i suppose if they live in extra dimensions, they are of a different makeup too.
One day science can unfold why 1,000 million "people" can live in a room without knowing each other actually exist.

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