Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drowned by words

I walked into a government department
and as usual was attended to by the staff
all of whom are my friend's race.

I walked into the parliament -
i am a journalist - and had to find
my way to look for a Chinese or Indian face
because most of the ministers and
parliamentarians are my friend's race.

I looked at all the Sultans and Heads of State,
and confirmed with myself that they are all my friend's race.

Then as I hooked onto my computer, I accidentally
stumbled upon a site an elderly leader
said he feared the voice of my friend's race could be drowned out,
that nobody, even their own party, could help them.

I was swept by it like a ball, walking round and round
looking for what would drown that pertinent voice.
For the first time I found myself drowned by words.

I looked up and down his face and said "Ooi".

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