Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30 postings...Memorial Day

Memorial Day
old granny says she just wishes
to forgive and forget

Rhonda A Bishop Rhodes I think it is so cool.....that once many nations where enemies and friendships were not attainable ...but for those that fought to bring "freedom" you and I now can via FB have a friendship....."aint that cool" ?? wink wink.....hugging my dear friend John Tiong Chunghoo .....Happy Day to you also

Lines inspired by Maya Angelou:

you may call me may even say i cant write a single line.. but like dust i dust i rise.

the same note over and over
the bird can only be

I live in an area in Kuala Lumpur where there are still plenty of trees. Every morning you can feel the pulsating sensation of another day being born...the dawn light that slowly grows in intensity, the bird songs that slowly grow in volume and diversity, the sounds of the temple bells, the muslim prayers, human activities, sounds of cars, motors which eventually are all overtaken by your our own itinerary for the day.

Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black: I wake up early to watch the first rays of the sun shine behind Mt Baker and the Cascade foothills.But just before that event the "early bird" wakes up the rest of the birds with its first morning solo. They seem to wait and then join in like a morning chorus when the "Early Bird's" song is done.I love the peace of early morning before anyone drives by or wakes up.We live in the hub of our community and it gets very noisy later on.A little note about the soloist:it's the last bird I hear singing after twilight.

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