Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sunset Yogi

we chase the sunset to make sure
we dont miss the 20 minutes
the dazzling scarlet sphere hangs
in the sky like an enlightened yogi
who has achieved the highest point
of his meditation, a 360 degree concentration
of the divine energy that helps open his cakara
so that he now rises above himself to have
a clearer look of the world, a world
where desires like the winds and water
play twin devils to make the sun
a frayed and distorted copy of itself wavering
helplessly and mired in its own lightings

the evening sun is a yogi collected
and illumined in thoughts
a full confidence with unpretentious
shine brimming with contentment
it pulls a tide in us too lighting up
our face with spiritual fulfilment
a climax in a 20 minute that lifts
us above the sun in the sky
and the one in the sea

john tiong chunghoo

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