Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rain Reviewers

we were discussing rain
and thought that newspapers
should have rain reviewers
so that they can help people
like us whether to bring umbrellas
for the next bout of rain

whether we can have that
rare chance to walk softly hand in hand
with our love in light drizzle
rain that comes down cotton fleece
to lighten up the mood the manner of a waltz
two hips swaying and knocking at each other

or call home for mom to collect all her laundry
on the clothesline for the next bout would be
throwing cats and dogs. a quarrel where protocol
is thrown to the winds dogs and cats ending up in pans

or a slow and gentle intermittent rain
that cries for two days for happy times ahead
drops large enough to get everybody door locked
for the warm bed and silence except
the lonely trying time logging pitter patter

or rain that trails the wind you can see it
chasing lace up the hill on and on sweeping
the mountain clean and when it slows down
a young bride dances in her gentle frills
till everybody gives her hugs and the mountain
becomes a calm cool spot

or sunshine rain where each dropp falls,
slanted luminous yellow crystals, hot and
warm to the touch, yet sharp enough to sting us
back to reality that they are just rain
little lanterns falling off sky

we reckon there are
a thousand genres of rain
in spring, summer, in autumn, in winter
hot day, cold day, hot night, cold night
to be umbrellaed, to be unumbrellaed
to love, or make love in
for poets, non poets
one drops, two drops, three drops
or four drops at a time

john tiong chunghoo

Sandra Fowler (12/21/2006 9:39:00 AM) Rain is inspiring without measure. This poem deserves only the best reviews. Take care, Kindest regards, Sandra

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