Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Earth talks through You

the land talks through
you, every line on you
resonates with its vibrations

you are the poetry of the
land, mouth through which
the land conveys its senses

the sun talks through
your eyes, they channel
its spirit through to me

a radiant warmth the
ounce of love that rises
in a primordial pool to
surge through my heart

the moon touches me
the way your lingering
mood and nonchalance
speak volume of the other
side of your cheerful self

a luminousness that
skirts and corners night
to let shadow rest in shadow
and words echo in words

a tide bound in only by the
starry promises of night

john tiong chunghoo

Sandra Fowler (9/3/2008 2:59:00 PM) Beautiful. This poem has a soul and without a soul life is not worth living or writing about. Ten for you. Always your friend at poemhunter Sandra
Taylor Butts (8/10/2008 9:15:00 PM) woah this is one of my favorites now. very good poem.

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