Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good News

Early in the morning, one part of my brain told me "with a human voice" some good news is coming. Just wonder what this will be...just have to wait. on my top is the universe. i am just a part of the brain i possess. i look at the brain like i look at the stars...part f nature, part of me, but a world apart from me.

Many companies collapse because the people running them do not know how to manage their manpower. Some of their moves actually hasten the collapse. Enthusiastic staff
have their fire doused, while those who are in purely for the money couldnt care less whether the company survives. Experience bought at a very large price, that is if they ever learn from the collapse.

John has just come back from meditation at the Vihara Buddhist temple. Just read something at the temple I love so much to share:Do some selfless service for the welfare of others to gain hope and confidence in the next life. Altruism purges all selfish attachments. Purity oof the mind, not attachment to worldly things will ensure a happy parting from this world.

Yes unity is the key to the success of any nation. Suspicion of any kind between the races would become a stumbling block to the nation's success because unscrupulous leaders would make use of this destructive force to gain political mileage. A line from the Koran says suspicion beyond a certain level becomes a sin.Leaders who sow discord among the races has committed a grevious sin I think. I can relate and is proud of Najib's Hari Raya message.

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