Monday, July 12, 2010

Sparkles of the Diamond

like the sparkles on my diamond ring....i will never get tired of them...that is how a new day sparkles too...with all the sweetness of nature

Farhan Khan that's nice piece of writing!
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John Tiong Chunghoo inspired by my friend Peggy Johnson's posting -

Good morning wonderful world! Here we go again! Get your coffee ready and sing a song! The stars are bright :)
I'm hearing a rerun, "Good morning star shine...
I'm ready for this day!
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Peggy Johnson very beautiful words John :)
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John Tiong Chunghoo doing justice to the dawn of a new day.....paying the Creator.
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Peggy Johnson I didn't refresh..didn't see the other posts. :) thank you my friend.
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Sulok Tawie alaaa jangan lah show, friend. nanti at the RWMF kena rob so how?
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Christa Sihombing i like it very much....
July 5 at 6:19pm · Like ·

Rhonda A Bishop Carpenter Good Morning my friend ~ Hugs from Arkansas USA this a.m. ~
July 5 at 6:43pm · Like ·

Elly Felicia wish to have a sparkling diamond that i cud never get tired of......... ;P
July 5 at 7:02pm · Like ·

Madeleine Ann Eugenie McMahon The 'diamond', "all the sweetness of nature,"ah, 'sweetness'!
July 5 at 7:30pm · Like ·

Madeleine Ann Eugenie McMahon The hardest natural material known...the diamond....
July 5 at 7:50pm · Like ·

Deborah Henry In communion with nature. Beautiful.
July 5 at 10:34pm · Like ·

Anne O'Neil beautiful sentiment John - thank you
July 5 at 11:03pm · Like ·

James Griffith Hannan ‎"The sparklers on American Independence Day
Reach always for the sky but like so many
They never get there"
July 6 at 4:53am · Like ·

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