Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poem - Mirror

there is a gentle quiet repose about truths
the mirror holds them up so well
zen so well apportioned it crystalises
the world harmoniously to itself
we have all the respect for it
everyday we go up to it
to soak up its sublime honesty
smile and go face the world
as straight as we could
the part of us we love
we carry with gratefulness
a luminousity that lightens our steps
the part of us that slices up
our assurance of ourselves
we too carry with an ounce of dignity
like the mirror that never falters
in the face of adversities -scars, tortuous lines
that dig into the soul, claws that tear the hearts up,
shrivelled up looks, noses that go the wrong way, mouths
clefting like a mozart run awry

we throw in the grains
to help the mirror apportion
a better part of us to us
running through every corridor
of the selves, without fear or favour
in the spirit of the mirror
promising an enlightened trail friends
can rest their heart with ours
a zen mirror where strengths and
weaknesses, paradoxes and shortfalls
dance over our eyes with the
exquisiteness of a new and promising dawn

Annabel Haldane Nash wonderful, thanks John
July 7 at 9:00pm · Like ·

Daniel Fernandez Very nice John, thank you for sharing. Hugs.
July 7 at 9:19pm · Like ·

John Potts
"Each day I try to face the world more as it is." - Dali Lama
at the museum
tribal masks behind glass...

July 7 at 9:49pm · Like ·

Deborah Henry Beautiful and uplifting. Thanks, John.
July 7 at 10:08pm · Like ·

Daniel Fernandez Ha!!! Will the real John stand up.
July 7 at 11:31pm · Like ·

Michael Stevens Excellent! Thanks you John.
July 8 at 2:28am · Like ·

Gina Oceguera yes i did!!!love it..thank you John...beautiful........
July 8 at 2:47am · Like ·

Rositza Pironska nice!
July 8 at 3:26am · Like ·

Anne O'Neil it's great John, thank you - love the lines:

"our expectation of ourselves
we too carry with an ounce of dignity"
July 8 at 6:00am · Like ·

Rhonda A Bishop Carpenter Bravo ~ \o/ throwing of Red Rose Buds to you John
July 8 at 8:50pm · Like ·
aily Sedgwick Beautiful poem.
Saturday at 1:34pm · Like ·

Gina Oceguera John like always very very beautiful(*_*)
Saturday at 1:42pm · Like ·

Nayeem 'orittro' Rahman ‎"clefting like a mozart run awry" that is one beautiful metaphor. it touched me..sincerely
Saturday at 2:27pm · Like ·

Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black Beautiful poem..Hope, and appreciation!!Wonderful work,John.
Saturday at 10:30pm · Like ·

Dennis Chibi the mirror a metaphor you've used with skill and compassion, yet, be aware as Robert Burns put it "... to see the ourselves as others see us ..."
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  1. Just pretty dog gone awesome Arkansas that means ....WOW BRAVO BRAVO EXCELLENT WORK

  2. A bard extraoridnary. Way to look at the world,John.