Monday, July 19, 2010

Haiku Today - death too tall a hat to wear

the city's dry humour
even the dropped glove showing
its middle finger

holding me on dearly
to the memory of Vietnam
Cham bulbous deities

the days and waves come and go
my love is always here

the only nude girl
on the beach

naked musician
cock up your ears
look at my flute

the steel willed wise man
never short of admirers
begging t be disciples

Michelangelo's Angel with Candlestick
lighting it up
for the good news

Michelangelo's cross carrying Christ
a trophy
in his hands

Michelangelo's David
pride weighs heavy
on the shoulders

Michelangelo's Mother and Child
heavy on the lap
the way of God
the way of the

Michelangelo's Saint Paul
'i am the witness of

Michelangelo's Saint Paul
one small step
in the direction of Christ

Michelangelo's Saint Peter
the softness of his look
on the stone

Michelangelo's Saint Peter
even from the cast stone
the softness of his look

Michelangelo's Pius
harder than stone
his stares...

Giuliano de Medici tomb
a disciplinarian harder
as stones...

Lorenzo de Medici tomb
cold and quiet as stone
the man in thought..

looking through
the folly of time

hold dearly to it
it is life

clash of civilisation
when technology
really differs

too tall
a hat to wear

if they will
just ask me

look at me
that's the way
to go

the elixir of life
you need to be strong like me
to take this

meinkampf look
it shoots me back
to slyvia plath's daddy

rock hard eyes
such a great trial to let go
of this world..

great great man
he can make something to last
longer than himself..

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