Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flower Selling Girl

flower selling girl
at her quiet corner
a basket of dreams


young turkish woman
in the calmness of her face
reverberating drum beats


i too would soar one day carrying
a paradise on my wings

new maid
the housewife tells her
what not to do

like the sparkles on my diamond ring....i will never get tired of them...that is how a new day sparkles too...with all the sweetness of nature

John thinks the planets and stars were at one time super intelligent beings. They found that is the only way to perpetuate their existence...and we are the breath of a super being...this earth..it is a being.....and we are a part of his instrumentations. One day we would be also planets and stars taking up space in the mind of our own instrumentations.

It is very backward to think that we need only this physique or body to survive. It is cumbersome and susceptible to so many diseases. One day scientists can help us live in the best conditions...in
in the mountains, in other universes or just transform us into a planet without losing their
human nature;


the sea of emotions
roaring ..roar
the goal post is in our heart

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