Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poetry, the blood of my Soul

the blood
of my soul

Meridith Gray Love
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Madeleine Ann Eugenie McMahon You get my "blood" boiling ... .
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Catrina Heart words running into my veins.....
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John Potts
the soul
of my blood
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Hasmukh Amathalal ‎'Poetic thoughts:

“Hi, how do the poetic thoughts emerge in mind”?
I was unable to react and reply to the question of its kind
I had to struggle hard for the answer to find
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John Potts
this is poem or the raw
like a flower or a claw
in the night no; dream a day
sometime this is
or, it may

be something else
(a small perfume?)
— jp
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Madeleine Ann Eugenie McMahon ‎..."the blood of my soul," you express best what the artist KNOWS as TRUTH...thank you friend!!

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John Potts

the oil
of my hinge
— jp
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John Potts ‎(or, 'henge? O_O)

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Gergana Yaninska ‎...
the bliss
of my heart
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John Potts
the other
— jp

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