Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Destroying ego

my ego is some ugly little frogs
some oriental restaurant workers
smash on their floor
before cutting them up
live for the frying pan

my ego is some
loud annoying cockerels
some restaurants slit
before gutting them of all
their vital organs
belly, liver, heart, gizzler,
gall bladder, big and small intestines
to be boiled down into soup

my ego is some vipers
villagers smash with all their might
head, body, and tail
so that they are nothing
but a roll of flowery, leathery
spineless outcast fit only
for the rubbish bin

my ego is some doggie corpse
on the street
offensive and buzzing with
large blue green flies
everybody has nothing to like but
shun and ask to be buried
two metres in the soil

my ego is dark and slippery
like the remains of dinosaurs
burned to drive cars,
factories and industries
a primordial leftover i wish
to use in the right way to
fly me to the silky abode of my dreams
and heaven!!


  1. John this is wonderful and i am so happy to think one day soon i will come to your country for a visit..i hope in the next couple of years...Life is so short and one must take the opportunities to travel and expand oneself... Greetings Angelika Kolompar.

  2. I loved it,this poem is very amazing it left me speechless!!!!Gina