Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to appreciate me

afar like a flock of birds
because when you come near
they would have flown away

tell you how you should
appreciate me

look from afar

like a birdwatcher
screening their
colourful feathery prizes
in the burstling
privacy of each other's world
the birds joining you
in praising the
wonders of nature

seeking pleasure
the lightness and
gentleness of feathers
without feeling the
trickeries of time
zen bathing in
so many hues
and shapes of green

taking the striking
plumes as an invitation
to the lanes of God
in the search for
the ultimate beauty

the chirpings
as the start of that journey
clear crystals
and mountain spring
a song to the
sanctum of
of tranquility

the bird's hop
a child's inquisitive search
for adventures
as they fly in
the sky of
make beliefs
and fantasies

the bird's smooth
and adorable head
filling the soft spot
in our heart of love

their crowns
a salutation to
the hands of God

and yes, just be there
watching things from afar
and be aloof
because if you come too near
the bird would have flown
away with all the feathers
of all my dreams

john tiong chunghoo

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