Monday, February 16, 2009

Alma Mater Blues

feels like lonely chilly autumn
leaves thrown asunder
ruffling the calm of lake
falling, scattering
all over your feet
each pace you take

grasses dance feverishly
while sparing birds' songs
work an echo in a soul
still looking for a place
in his alma mater

the old brass bell
that long ago held our hearts
and fervently accompanied
us through every minute
of school still hangs -
a solid air of authority -
a no nonsense master
recognising nothing
except the hourly call
to each new lesson,
new knowledge

the rows of
crimson classes
still stand with
quiet open doors

there, shadows of chairs
and tables gently cast
their geometric lines
all the way from the sun

the only element
at constant with my heart
then and now
a filamen i could cross
to take a close peak at those
obscure school years

the blackboards beckon
though - holding gently
at an attitude that stamp of infinity
when it comes to learning

fiery glow of setting sun
on the window panes
reflects those waves
of alma mater sentiments
and affections tugging
at my heartstrings

dedicated teachers,
strict teachers
straight As geniuses,
smart sport lads
the pretensious
the overambitious,
lonely hearts, libido driven
dreamy eyed boys, bullies, sissies -
all but now a cool reflective evening
for an unknown still trying to find
his footing in his old old school
shadow among shadows

Hafiz Muzaffar Mohsin Date : 10/2/2006
Its a nice poem

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