Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Political Omen haiku and other postings

poltical omen
show them the way out
rejang river logjam

all these mega projects
i fear another
port klang, cyberjaya

port Klang scandal
where have all the billions
been ferried to?

The journalist in some journalists are handcuffed, bound, gagged and left to rot in a death chamber because of the racist in them.

Now that we have Pakatan and BN States to compare, it makes voting so much easier. We will vote for the party that gives the best to the people. It is as simple as that.

John prays that all the multi billion dollar projects such as the eco nature resort in Sabah and the 100 storey tower in the new budget will be successfully carried out and not become another port klang. Malaysians are quite good at this sort of things. So many projects ambitiously planned in the past had ended in a fiasco, money wasted and lost.

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