Sunday, October 24, 2010

One dropped leaf

Sapeh recital
the warmth of orang ulu
worms its way into my heart

it has been so long
childhood memory

Tao means
giving people their dues
and yourself a chance to grow

facebook birthday do
friend asks how long
they have not really met

young woman in white hat
bursting with sexual maturity
the artist's strokes

Wish to know something about haiku. Read this. It is very enlightening about short poetry that reveals to us the power of the "unsaid" . Robert Wilson, the owner of Simply Haiku magazine shares his ideas.

one dropped leaf
the ants' green meal
feeds my fascination

rush hour subway train
donald duck on my shirt
kisses her mickey mouse

Really admire Najib. So steady in his closing speech, as if talking to one family. Admire him for his steadiness and nonchalance though so much criticism has been hurled against him in cyberspace.

young girl and dove
each longs for
a flight of passion

autumn stillness
enjoying the clatter
of my clogs

husband at sea
swept asunder by the fear
of his safety

vain courtship
in the summer heat
the rage of love

child tells mom to buy
a not so scary mask

the candle burns away sins,
hatreds and pent up feelings
ill energies hindering us
flickers and flickers
it evokes a triumphant feel
cresting over me
the fire burns away
all the ill stars around us
brighter and brighter it becomes
ushering in all the good luck

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