Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Haiku Lesson

Every haiku lesson should start with this haiku of Matsuo Basho the man who revolutionises the haiku world;

old well
ta frog jumps in
the sound of water

Outwardly, it is just a simple frog poem but if you analyse it it actually contains elements that not only embodies the essence of haiku but what haiku is all ab out.

The old well represents humanity and its feelings.
Remember it is old well, humanity with its complex feelings accumulated over the years. Here in the well, it is unperturbed silence, humanity waiting to be touched by the world of arts, poetry, paintings, music.

Now comes a a frog ...well that represents haiku itself.
The frog jumps in means the haiku taken in by humanity....and the sound of water is the resonating effect it has on us. Remember it is just not the sound of any water, but the sound of water in an old well which is always echoed and more intense than sound made in open space.

I think when you read more good haiku which you can find by googling, you will get to what haiku is actually. There is no one definition as there are various schools of thoughts on this genre.

Reading and writing as well as making friends with haiku poets will slowly lead you to it. I think so. Robert has a magazine simply haiku which you can get to know all the prominent haiku poets. There is also the World Haiku Club beginners group which conduct lessons on the genre for interested parties.

Well stay tuned. Just post your writings here and there are enough people to critque them. Thanks Phyllis.

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