Thursday, November 19, 2009

Haiku - The Blindman's Table Manner

haiku for the day -

a world of surprise
not a grain on the table
the blindman's table manner

not a grain left
to complain about
the blindman's table manner

i live near the blindman's association in Kuala Lumpur, so I get to see many bllindmen dining in coffee shops. One thing I am surprised about these blinded is that they are so clean and well dressed. This afternoon, I specially noticed a young man who was helped to his table. Then the lunch came. I seldom took an interest in how these blind people... Read More ate but realising that there is a haiku here, i paid attention. Yes, he took to the fork and spoon and carefully ate the rice and vegetables heaped on the plate. The soup he used his spoon then his hands to take the little bowl to his mouth. When he had finished, I was shocked to see that there was not even a grain dropped on the table. On the other hand, the man right on the other side had one grain dropped near his plate. The fact that we have eyes dont make us better beings than these blindmen sometimes.

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