Sunday, April 12, 2009

Haiku Collection

identity zone
each stone, each blade of grass
plucks at the heartstrings

the eyes sweeping
all the corridors
secret love

kept out of the
soccer field
a lost dream

spring morn
sakuras coax me
to dance away

myriad bells
on temple floor
ring our hearts

fruits of success

a mind game

a fortress
ancient war

feelers, antenna ....
all my fanciful gadgets
thirst for love

violets sighs
"Roses are smarter
but we need fun too".

letting lose
in my own steps

the shattering rain
a consolation
after, a suicide

graces, colours
and scents
enchanting walk

hidden forces
the light, wind, earth
the world goes on

numbing my mind
the noises here since
ancient times

dewdrops on petals
his first kiss
so soft on the lips

ungrateful friends
the sand drops off as soon as
it clings to us

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