Sunday, April 12, 2009

Haiku Collection

in the shoes'
wear and tear
my memory of papa

between the beauty of the shell
and a torn leaf
a ravaging snail

on the abandoned field

first light
enjoying each step
to the summit

first light
tracking the way
to the summit

saffron bloom
a bee dispenses a lesson
in meditation

alone in the mountain
he calls out to let his echo
warm him up

standing in line
with the windmills
I blow towards the wind

carousal horses
children's laughters
carry me back to childhood

wild berries
sweetness on life's

no more friendly bark
the ledge empty
my pet dog gone - forever

Cleopatra's necklace
Mark Anthony's
Heartshaped rubies

marriages are made
in the heaven
fate binds

warm opportunities
the ice melts to quench
my thirst

the tree
where we said goodbye
it has died too

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