Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Haiku Collection - FFebruary 17, 2011

Chap Goh Meh
this lovely cat her eyes
bright like the moon

tapestry of the mind
filling up the gap
between the stitches

all about presentations
the cheers inside
and out

new oil find
an excitement floating
over dilemmas

a lovely valentine
another dictator

when the bosses talk about circulation,
i really think about circulation,
the body circulation.

they live like nuns
it is written all over
the faces

valentine cake from one
who doesnt like me too much
she is so sweet

miss out of the blue laughter
she wont save herself
with that

there she is
lost like an ant
miss self conceited

sniffing here
sniffing there
miss want-to-get-forward

the dwindling figure
i shudder as miss know all

passes by
egypt revolution
every reason why the pyramid
still stands so tall

a new child
a new warmth
in the family

valentine's wish -
love to grow many folds
like the price of roses

I refuse to follow the art critics. I pick the painting that my heart says is the best, not the opinions of others. Taste like talent is an ingrained thing. You dont need people to tell you which colour you must like. That applies to my body chemistry that determines what i like.

i told him "Tune down your ego a bit, tune up the width of your pupils, the focus of your ears, eyes and mind. You would have arrived at a more workable gadget for the survival of the fittest."

the wait
a thirst fires up
a little corner

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