Monday, November 8, 2010

Angkor Temples

a smile that sends
the world reeling
mona lisa

Madeleine...every real artist is a perfectionist...transfering real life into a piece of canvas is not that easy but i would say leonardo is very successful in that...seeing mona can sense that he had even transferred the veins and arteries inside the person there....the whole picture is filled with a force that can only be his |"life and blood".

mona lisa
the world lining up
too see her smile

artists like poets i think are really need those extra thngs..innate talents to bring out the life of a person on a little canvas.

Yes, i agree. It is the most difficult thing to do a dull thing with style. If one can do's art. making the dull thing comes into life...into an excitement..

I think I can relate tio that more because I work in a newspaper. Almost everyday journalists face the same news... and it is for them to make them appetising for the readers ...the people in the newspapers are perpetual artists....making the dull things come alive...with style

all cells stilled for
the artist to concentrate
on the most beautiful me

i still the world
for a permanent place
- on a painting

i still myself
to leave myself
- in a painting

i still myself
to be frozen
on a canvas

i let the artist
freeze me on
a canvas

waterfall outing
the ladies bubbly
like the water

orange roses
nature hugs us with
such fiery emotion

angkor temples
still holding onto power
giant old roots

childhood lane
did mom drop any
of her dreams here?

God probably wants me
to be his sob story
- a poet

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