Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute

now as i look into the night sky
the little star twinkling, twisting, spiralling
in the farthest corner well that's
michael jackson

michael jackson
refund me the star,
never mind the tickets

these london tickets
now these heart crushing
limited edition momentos

beat it, billie jean is not my lover
michael jackson
is no more back in town

michael jackson
keeping the london tickets
to remember the star

michael jackson
the star in the man takes
over his life

michael jackson
outshone by the star
in the man

michael jackson
drowned out by
the star in the man

michael jackson
drunken by music
and stardom

michael jackson
the star and vulptures
eat up everything of the boy men

john tiong chunghoo


  1. Thank you for the tribute to Michale Jackson.

    An artists not well understood by his own country.

  2. Nice work, John. Keep it up. BTW, notice you have got more than 10 Blogger blogs set up. Wow! LOL.