Saturday, June 20, 2009

the master

amid the humdrum of the living cells
a spirit meditates with the pristine aura of a lotus
while another stands by with such a nonchalance
i am left with awe as to who he is;
the devil himself or just another, another spirit

i first saw only his shoulders in a forest
i thought only i have the carte blanche to roam
a forest swarmed with the flowers of my love,
the power of my scents and the echoes of my dreams

I commend the the spirit that sits all day
rain or shine, meditating the quietness of
the interlocking cogs of clocks that so gently
unleash its power it has the world by every inch of its breath

i thought the spirit to be the ultimate meditator
to learn from until i saw the nonchalant one reveals
himself, and leads us in his all encompassing
heart soul and mind do; he is so grand we are
drawn to the overwhelming peace of his very heart

i soon learn that one day i too would
sit in a frame meditating on the working of
a body mind and soul with the same spirit
looking over us with a nonchalance you would
never know he is the real master of us all

john tiong chunghoo

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